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04 May 2015 @ 12:31 pm
Note:  You'd have to at least first watch the 12-episodes TV series to get an idea of what is going on
I have only seen the TV series which had broadcast about three years ago, so I am dealing with failing memory and insufficient knowledge of the series, I sincerely apologized if I had jumped too quickly into conclusion. Please feel free to fill in the what I've been missing out or misunderstood.
They just my personal thoughts and feelings and I truly appreciate the hard work of the professionals.


wiki || official website: K (Season One ) // K: Missing Kings // K:Return of Kings

First of all, the art was absolutely beautiful, from scenery to CGs to character, a lot of thought was put into it.

Tho' I'd wish they'd do a proper introduction of Yukari-kun, make him a real badass we just couldn't bear to hate.
( not that I could hate the way he is presented now, I just hope he'd had a better introduction, like a grand one )

I am going to be frank with you, that I am here mostly for IKEMEN (handsome men),
can we just talk about how beautiful these characters are
( in no particular sequence ) :
イケメンCollapse )

Initially,when I saw the trailers, I thought Kuroh-chan has become the bad guy since Shiro-kun is 'missing' because he has some sort of reason that we'd all sympathize with. ( I know, I'm reading too much into it ) And that when I was watching the movie, I totally expected that Yukari-kun is somewhat related to Kuroh-chan, they are of the same type, I thought they'd be half brothers

I am not sure if it's the intention of the production team, the movie has a feeling of clear segmentation; it feels like they'd combined a few regular TV episodes to make up the movie. I feel like whenever I am anticipating for something to happen and it doesn't, leaving me feeling empty. Maybe I've raised the bar too high.It may be a little better if they could have pushed the climax a little further, so that the anticipation will also be raised higher. I was really glad that Anna was made the Red King and time for some girl power! I was expecting Anna to kick Yukari-kun's butt or something, but it didn't happen. I was hoping that Shiro-kun could make a comeback in this movie kicking some ass, as the movie title : 'Missing Kings ( I guess he is still kind of missing from the scene) I wish to see more of the supporting members in Scepter Four, it's quite a waste that they have names and are fairly well-drawn but has no roles in the movie.

My favorite scene has to be where Anna dreams about Mikoto-san and Tatara-san, I was so moved that I cried. And I'd definitely watch the second season 'K : Return of Kings' ( hoping that all Kings would return, for real ), which will start in October 2015. I am looking forward to new characters and new development of the story!

I understand that they keep us in suspense about various things and the action was too mellow here, which did not help at all. I'd wish the movie would be a little longer then this, so that everything could be more definite. Nevertheless, that because I hadn't read any of its manga or light novel, I couldn't say anything for sure. I'd believe that those materials would provide more details than the movie.

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05 January 2015 @ 01:36 pm

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24 December 2014 @ 03:26 am
Everyone to be happy and healthy

  • As straightforward as it sounds.

Forgiveness and understanding

  • If I've hurt you in one way or another, I sincerely hope you'd forgive me and I am really sorry for what I've done or not done. I couldn't thank you enough for being understanding all along.


  • 'Love each other or perish'